Home Based Services

In addition to care in our Opis centers, SigmaLink Rehab therapists provide comprehensive services in the customer’s own home or senior living residence. Part of the Alpha Bridge Home Health Care program, this comprehensive service is a favored option for many individuals and families, for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, simply being at home, in familiar surroundings is a huge source of comfort and convenience. If you or a loved one are elderly, frail or lack regular transportation, the ability to receive consistent therapy and related support without needing to visit a rehab facility or outpatient center is especially important. In fact, it can often spell the difference between steady rehab progress and potentially avoidable limitations on recovery and/or the return to inpatient care.

SigmaLink Rehab provides comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapies and treatment protocols for a wide range of conditions and diseases at home.

In keeping with our personalized approach to care and caring, therapy programs are tailored to each individual customer’s specific capabilities, limitations, needs and goals. Unlike many programs, therapies may also be provided as often as the customer’s physician recommends it – up to seven days a week – helping to speed healing and recovery.